Sunday, October 18, 2009


This summer, Chandler started caring how her hair looked. She decided that she wanted to grow it out LONG....with no bangs. So, we did that. Then, she met Brynlee. Brynlee has naturally CURLY hair. Chandler does not. A few weeks ago, MeMe braided her hair & when we took the braid out, she discovered "curly" hair. I told her we could braid it into several braids at night & then it would be wavy in the morning.
So the other night, we did it....except she couldn't sit still long enough for more than 4 braids.


The next morning, I took it out AND....SHE CRIED!! She told me it was too big.....and puffy. So, I wet it a little & this is what it ended up looking like...still pretty cute though.

I am sure many more tears over hair will be shed in the years to come!!


Jessica said...

I so remember attempting the crimped look with my hair the exact same way! How funny!

Tammy said...

These are among the things that make having a little girl so much fun.

MeMe said...

Chandler, I am sure that there are times that your friend would like to have your beautiful hair.

Krystyn said...

Poor thing! I remember crimping my hair, too!

My mom uses those pink spongy rollers on our damp hair at night and the in the morning it was really curly.

Anonymous said...


Gram said...

Chandler, you will never be saatisfied with your hair! Oh, Mom, it is just beginning!!!! I am so glad that Chandler cares so much about how she looks. I do have to say, the curls looked even better in reality.

Grandma said...

Chandler, your hair is beautiful just the way it is. Some day you will wish it was just like it is now.

Jocelyn said...

Haha... poor Chandler! :-)