Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bowling Birthday Party

When Cheney was 4, he went to a birthday party at the bowling alley. He left that day asking if he could have a party at the bowling alley. I told him that when he turned 8, he could. Guess what? He is turning 8 this year!! Today was his "Bowling Birthday Party." He was very excited!!
Cheney & Chandler picked out some bowling balls & anxiously awaited the arrival of his friends.

The boys finally arrived!! They were a pretty cute bunch & very polite.

Once again, MeMe made a wonderful birthday cake!! Isn't it adorable?!

Cheney had two great-grandparents attend his birthday party.....isn't that cool? Daddy's grandpa was there and Mommy's grandma was there.

Chandler was the only girl at the party, but she was right in there watching her Bubba open presents. He is saving his money for laptop & today, he got a little closer!! YAY!!


MeMe said...

One of the boys summed it up, just before he left...."this party rocked!" How cute they all are--especially C&C.

Tammy said...

Happy Birthday Cheney!!!

Krystyn said...

Looks like a great time...and I love the cake.

Grandma said...

Great birthday party and your friends were so nice. Your Me Me did a great job on the cake,(as usual)