Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fun Birthday Dinner!

Cheney picked Clear Springs for his birthday dinner!! YUM!!
He sure was excited to see this gift!!

He got a me, MeMe & Pop (and Mommy) were not too excited, but Daddy & Cheney are pumped. Is it really fun to get a birthday gift that you see for a minute, then is padlocked in a closet until hunting season? I guess....

Cheney has been saving $$ for a laptop so MeMe created a Jeopardy game that allowed him to earn some more $$$!! She is so creative, but I can't believe that she did use the Cricut to make it. LOL

Cheney won all the categories....WOO HOO!!

Me & My Babies....yes, I know, they aren't babies anymore but in my eyes they always will be!!


MeMe said...

Cheney is SO smart. It is my pleasure to be his MeMe. Making the game was fun. It was exciting to see him get so involved in picking categories. Good idea Pop had to have the correct denominations of bills for him. You should have seen him grab for those bills. FUN!!

Jessica said...

Clear Springs? Great pick, Cheney!

Ian Nicklaus Crume said...

Looks like a fun birthday! We're considering "MeMe" and "Pop" or "Pops" as our upcoming grandparent names! Amber said that that was what your parents are called. Maybe I've just absorbed them unknowingly through your postings?

Grandma said...

Great birthday Cheney...Glad you got all the answers. It was fun.