Thursday, July 29, 2010

Belize Vacation: Day 3

We woke up on Day #3 to go on a snorkeling trip. We went to Hol Chan National Marine park. We saw some turtles & other cool fish.
The group with the guide, Andy. Andy was great!!

Chandler was super-excited about her first snorkeling trip. She did so good....wore her mask & snorkel so she could see amazing fish! She made me laugh by squealing in her snorkel.

Cheney is a pro at the snorkeling thing.

After we left Hol Chan, we went to Shark Ray Alley. Andy let out chum for the sharks & then we jumped in! I think Chandler was trying to be like Jesus....she walked out water to get back in the boat after she jumped in. Too much Shark Week for her!!


MeMe said...

I am impressed that C&C can snorkel so well. (must take after their parents) Cheney just has a few more years to go, then he and his Dad can dive--not sure this will be something Chandler wants to do.

Grandma said...

Chandler, I don't think I would like all those sharks either. I like snorkeling, but not with sharks. No matter what kind.

Grandma said...
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