Saturday, July 31, 2010

Belize Vacation: Day 5 ADVENTURE DAY!!

This day was a big day for us!! We got up @ 7 am for our big adventure. Cheney really, really wanted to go see the Mayan ruins so he picked this trip. He & Chandler learned a lot....and both did a great job. It was a long, hot day, but they NEVER complained. I am so proud of them. Several people talked about what great travelers they were & I know they are!! They have been doing this stuff since they were newborn!!


After crossing the bay to the mainland, we rode up this river for about 30 minutes.


Then we came to the village of Bomba. At this village, we were going to get on a bus to take up about an hour up the road....the GRAVEL ROAD!!


The people in Bomba make things to sell....this boy had two parrots. He let Cheney talk to one.


I have no idea how she slept on the bumpy road......but she did!! After the bus ride, we got on ANOTHER boat on the New River. This river goes all the way to Mexico.


We got up close & personal with two spider monkeys.


The New River is very smooth.


After more than 3 hours, we finally made it!!


The Mayan temples were amazing!!


Everyone climbed to the top of all of them.....except MeMe of course!!


This is the tallest one....Chandler went up this one with no problem at all!! Halfway up, there is rope to hold on to because it is soooo steep.


Amazing view from the top--I have to admit, I got a little shaky when I got up to the top with Chandler. I quickly told her that we were coming down.


Chandler finally convinced MeMe to climb this short one, but MeMe wouldn't let them get very close to the edge.

It was a long day, but a great day!!


MeMe said...

It was long and extremely humid. BUT we all learned a lot. C&C were SO good. Where are the pics of the howling monkeys? Their howl is enough to make you hair stand straight up.

Grandma said...

I went to the Mayon ruins one time on one of my trips. Can't remember which trip. The steps are sure steep. Glad you had fun.