Sunday, December 19, 2010

1st Pedicure

This past weekend, Daddy & Bubba went to the deer lease. Chan & I decided to stay home. We had a great time....we slept late, worked out, wrapped presents, & went shopping. After dinner, we ended our night with a special treat. Chan got her 1st manicure & pedicure. We went to a special place that has chairs for little girls. She LOVED it....needless to say, she will probably be enjoying this pampering for a long time!!
Soaking her feet....she laughed out loud when the girl scrubbed the bottom of her feet!! It was funny!!

Showing off her beautiful fingernails. The girls who were waiting on us were very impressed with how still & polite she was.....I know she is so good!!

They put hot towels on her legs while they painted her toenails....she said we need to do this at home.

Pretty toenails....they painted a snowflake on her big toes.

I know there will be many more mommy/daughter days to come!! I love it!!


MeMe said...

What a fun thing to do with Mommy!!

Grandma said...

Chandler, what a wonderful time you must have had. Do you know that Grandma did not get a pedicure until I was in my 60's. You are lucky.

Jessica said...

What a special treat, Chandler! It's been too long since my last pedicure and manicure...maybe I should treat myself to one for the holidays, too!