Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Parade

Last week was our local Christmas parade.....Mommy & Daddy were both working so MeMe & Pop took Cheney & Chandler to see the parade.
Loving on MeMe

Cheney & Pop were looking cool!!


MeMe said...

We had a great time. The parade is always so much fun--and Santa comes to town. We love watching the beautifully decorated floats and yelling at friends we see in the parade.

Jessica said...

I'm so glad that they were able to make it even though you guys were working! And, I'm glad that it wasn't *too* chilly for the town to get out and about for that -- I love the Christmas parade!!

Grandma said...

Parades are always so much fun.
Glad you were able to see it. Seems Forest Hill came out real good.