Monday, January 17, 2011


Thanks to Groupon, Santa brought us tickets to see the SA Rampage. The kids had never been to an ice hockey game so it was a lot of fun!!
The Rampage were playing the Texas Stars. It was so much fun!! The Rampage won too.

Daddy & Bubba watching the game. Cheney thought the fights were the best part!! There were three.

Chandler was really intrigued when the guys got put in "time out" for playing mean.

Best part of the night? Daddy was feeling so lucky after this picture that he entered a contest and won $300!! WOO HOO!! Way to go Daddy!!


MeMe said...

Sounds like you all enjoyed the game. You may all become real hockey fans--who wants to take ice skating lessons???? ha We have skates to loan.

Grandma said...

I had rather see the Spurs play., but sounds like you hit the jackpot. Way to go.

Krystyn said...

Ice hockey sure is fun to watch.

And, that Santa...he sure is savvy using Groupon!