Sunday, January 23, 2011

Chandler's Surgery

Chandler has been having some issues with ear infections, diminished hearing, snoring, & speech problems. After seeing her pediatrician, speech therapist, & ENT, it was decided that the 1st step in correcting these problems were to take out her adeniods & put in ear tubes. So, this past week, that is what we did.
We checked in to the outpatient surgery area & they gave Chan some medicine to relax her.....she got so silly. She just kept giggling & laughing. Daddy & I were laughing so hard that we had tears in our eyes.

The surgery went fairly quick & she was soon back in recovery. She was not happy to have the IV in her hand.....but they did give her a monkey that had a surgical mask on. After a few tears, she went home & spent the day resting.

Next up: weekly sessions with a speech therapist.


Jessica said...

Poor Chandler! She looks like she really did so well with the surgery though. I'm so happy that she's at home recovering! Keep us updated on her speech therapy!

MeMe said...

She is such a great little girl. I am so happy that she acted like such a big girl--I am just sorry she had to go through this. Way to go Chandler.

Grandma said...

Grandma is so proud of you. You were such a big girl. I did not get a monkey when I had surgery! I guess you must be special. I know you are special to me.