Friday, May 27, 2011


Have you ever read the book "Pinkalicious?" It is a cute story about a girl whose favorite color is pink. She loves to make pink cupcakes but she eats so many that she turns pink & then she eats more & turns red!! After her parents take her to the doctor, she is told to eat green foods. Pinkalicious learns to like green foods so she can return to normal.

The children's theatre is doing the "Pinkalicious" musical this month. Chandler got invited to go see it with her friend, Madison. We had a great time!! Before the show, we went to a "Pinkalicious" tea party & ate pink cupcakes!! But thankfully, we didn't turn pink!!


What a cute cupcake!!


With a cherry on top!!


Chandler loved the show!! We had 2nd row seats.....she is ready to go back to the theatre!!


MeMe said...

These girls know how to party!! Love the cherries on the cupcakes.