Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Preschool Graduation

Chandler is ready for kindergarten! Last week, she had her preschool graduation program....it was bittersweet. While I am excited to see her moving to kindergarten, I am sad to see her leave the caring teachers & friends she has made at preschool.


The program was a re-enactment of the story of Noah's Ark. Chandler & her friend, Tanner, were the sheep.


This is Chance & Carter. They were the cutest lions ever!!


Tulip & Madison were beautiful angels.


Ms. Stollewerk's class


Mommy's sweet baby girl is not a baby anymore.....


Chandler & Madison will be friends forever. They will be going different ways next year, but we know they will be back together soon.


We LOVE Ms. Stollewerk!! She has had a huge influence on both of our children & prepared them for kindergarten in so many ways. We will be forever grateful for her love & kindness. Cheney & Chandler have been so lucky to be in Ms. Stollewerk's classroom in their preschool years.


MeMe said...

How right you are!! Both of your children have been so fortunate to have such a loving, caring, environment for their preschool years. They are awesome students. It is definitely hard to be on the sidelines watching them go out into the "real" world. I pray that their future teachers will see what gems they are!!