Saturday, January 17, 2009

Should I Be Embarrassed?

About a year ago, I posted a video of the kids dancing in the kitchen.

Well, back (I don't think by popular) by demand....we have a new video. Remember to pause the music on my blog if you want to hear it.

They are rockin' to Veggie Tales: Boyz In The Sink

I have no idea why my children think that you should take your clothes off when you dance around the one does that at our house....


Tammy said...

Well, they've apparently learned that SOMEWHERE....Meme???

Jessica said...

Sure, Mom!

I thought that was hilarious! I like how Chandler picks up their clothes & runs to put them (I assume) in the laundry!

MeMe said...

Nope--not from me--maybe Pop?? Ha!
Maybe Uncle Jeff?? All I know is that it is fun to watch.

Leanne said...

hahahaha, they do have some rhythm!

Laci said...

lol. Those are quite the moves that they've got there. I love the "happy feet"!

Larissa Pereira said...


Too much see them dancing with the music!
I loved how Chendler was trying take off her clothes while her brother was dancing without cloth, huahuahau.

I love them!


Gram said...

I am certainly glad to see that everyone in your house is feeling better! My big question is "What did the virus do to them?"

Grandma said...

Where did you learn the dance? Did your Daddy teach you? Way to go Chandler, just try to keep up with big brother.

Amanda said...

that is completely ADORABLE!!

Those two in the kitchen dancing is priceless!

Completely perfect! Can't wait till they are older and see it.

My kiddos love to dance.

McMommy said...

So funny! We rock out in our kitchen must be quite a popular place to dance! :)