Saturday, January 3, 2009

Some people have snow, we have leaves

I posted several days ago about the snow in Uncle Jeff & Aunt Kerry's yard. In Texas, we don't get snow, but we do have leaves. Every year, we have to rake & bag the leaves. It pretty much takes us all day. And we usually bag over 20 bags of leaves.
Karson & Cheney agreed to help up....if they got paid.


Chandler just had fun!!

Of course, it was more fun to just sit in the leaves....silly girl!!


MeMe said...

I am sure the adults are sore!! It is a lot of work to rake, but just remember the workout you are getting.

Gram said...

Way to go Chandler! You can have fun even though it requires some work. Cheney, did you make much money----or did you and Karson just have fun? Did you see the pics of Ashtyn & Thatch in the leaves the day after Christmas?

Tammy said...

Although from time to time I do miss playing in the snow, I gotta say I think I'd much prefer the leaves! What great workers you kids are Cheney and Chandler!

paestar said...

HI! Visiting from sits, thanks for visiting my blog earlier!!! Your kids are adorable!! We don't have snow either, here in florida it was 80 degrees today!!