Sunday, January 25, 2009

We're Playin' Basketball

Another Saturday....Another Basketball Game!!
Cheney has really been working on his ball handling. He is doing much better....but he has to remember to dribble when he is running!!

Lined up ready for the other team to throw the ball in.

Playing defense

Chandler & Mommy watching the game.

Chandler & Holt coloring. Holt is the little brother of one of Bubba's friends, Hayden. Holt is exactly 1 month older than Chandler. Chandler now says that her favorite color is GREEN because that is Holt's favorite color!! Good grief....already boy crazy!!

Team meeting after the game
I sure do like watching Cheney play basketball!!


Laci said...

Good job Cheney! Ily loves Holt too!

MeMe said...

Keep practicing your dribble. I KNOW you can be the best. Thanks for letting me watch you play.

Gram said...

Dribble instead of run? What a concept? Keep practicing Cheney and you will be a great point guard.

Tammy said...

Cheney, I'm going to have to come watch you play soon! And Chandler...DON'T talk to boys! Just ask Heather what I tell her!