Saturday, June 6, 2009

Does This Mean School Is Out?

Last summer, Cheney got a mohawk on the last day of school. It was really cool!!
This year, he decided really early in the year that he wasn't going to cut his hair so he could get an even cooler mohawk.

It just isn't fair that a boy could have such thick hair!! It was sooooo long!!

He got it cut this afternoon. One of my former students cut it for him.


Definitely means that summer is here!!

After Jessica's comment, I had to add: A lot of people think I am crazy for letting him get a mohawk & I am sure that we will get a lot of shaking heads when we walk into church tomorrow morning, but this is my philosophy: It is just hair. There are worse things he could do or be into. If I allow him to express himself in small ways as he grows up, then he may not want to do more extreme things when he is older. Do I want to fight the battle of hair or do I want to focus my energy on getting good grades, having good friends, or not getting tattoos??


Jessica said...

I remember when I first saw him like that last summer and all I could do was gasp! "Would Lisa really let him do that? Wow. Lucky kid!"

Very cool, Cheney! Very cool.

jahnsgang said...

Love the mohawk Cheney. Enjoy your summer. We can give Lily a mohawk.

Marla said...

pretty great attitude... it is just hair and it's all about the battles... not to mention you can see how happy he is with his new look... love it!

MeMe said...

I agree with Mom and Dad--it so cool to have parents like his. Hope he and his lil' sis realize how very lucky they are!!

Tammy said...

Definitely pick your battles! Heather is working on her daddy to let her have pink hair for the summer.

Thatcher's Mommy said...

Awe... I actually liked the long shaggy look on him. I know this sounds backward, but he looks younger with the mohawk.

Ask him why he didn't tip the ends blond and then go over it with blue? They have kits now at Wal-Mart. Lisa, you could do it for him.