Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Goliath Bird-Eating Tarantula

Cheney was assigned a research project. He was to choose a spider, research various facts about the spider, & create a model of the spider. Mommy is NOT creative so this became Daddy's project. Cheney chose the Goliath Bird-Eating Tarantula.
Chandler would not be left out of this project.

The body....

These tarantula's are HAIRY!!

Finished product....now we have to figure out how to get it on the bus without getting messed up!!


Tammy said...

I am not afraid of spiders but am fairly certain THAT one would scare me! Good job Cheney! (and Billy!)

MeMe said...

Question!! Who's hair is sticking up the most--Cheney or Goliath?? Really cool looking spider. Don't want to see him crossing my path.

Gram said...

Great job! Who would think that spiders could bring a family together for a project? Cheney, I am impressed at all that you have learned about spiders!

Krystyn said...

Dude...even with the extra eyes, that guy is scary!

Jessica said...

That is AWESOME! Way to go Cheney & Daddy!