Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Me On The Map

Cheney has been studying his community in social studies. He really enjoys social studies. This is one of the projects they did recently. I think he is quite the artist.
View of the entire project

His room....very accurate~~down to the doorknobs!!

His house....this was hard because our house is two story, but he handled it well.

Our street....Yes, our driveway looks like that!!

Good view of his city...the red box is his school.

Free hand drawing of our state....TEXAS!!

It is safe to say he did not getting his drawing skills from his mom!!


Gram said...

Good job, Cheney! I could tell exactly what your map was and how you fit in to the "picture"!

Jessica said...

What a smart little boy! He did so well. Way to go, Cheney!

MeMe said...

Great job--you are so talented!!

Grandma said...

Very good Cheney. I am very proud of you and your school accomplisments. You are the best.