Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Fun!!

We started our Halloween celebration by heading over to the church for the Harvest Festival. The kids had fun playing games & seeing their friends.
Waiting in line to play a game.

Chandler found her Mr. Incredible---KEEGAN!! Doesn't look like Keegan is too thrilled!!

He is soooooo scary!!

Mommy with her favorite girl!!

After the Harvest Festival, we headed over to the Edward's house for some trick or treating. The girls look so sweet but the boys look SCARY! We let the boys (Connor & Cheney) head out to trick or treat with Link--he is twelve. They were pumped to get to go by themselves. Link's mom is Chandler's Pre-school teacher, Mrs. Emard.

The girls got a last minute hug from Mr. Mark. They were all giggles!!

Both girls sweetly said "Trick or Treat" & "Thank you" at each house. Don't they look angelic? Don't let them fool you~~they both have older brothers & can definitely hold their own!!


MeMe said...

The girls are cuties--but don't understand why the guys want to be cover their faces--maybe they don't WANT anyone to recognize them. HMMMMMM Could be bad news.

Kristen said...

What a cute picture of you and Chandler! And the girls do look so cute!!

Why is it that boys have to be scary?? I am not looking forward to that time in Cade's life, I must admit!

Gram said...

Those are really cute girls! Of course the guys have to be tough and have their faces covered----they are boys! You guys look great!

Grandma said...

All of you look great to me.
Did you have fun?