Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Discovery

Chandler recently went to a birthday party at the local gymnastics center. Guess who found out they want to take gymnastics?? She loved every minute of it. I gess we will be starting after the summer.
She loved walking on the balance beams!

Playing on the bars!!

Getting ready for the rope swing. Unfortunately, she is like her Momma & has very little upper body strength so she fell right away.


Jessica said...

Well then she's just like her momma's friend too because I have ZERO upper body strength. It's nearly embarrassing, but I just don't have it!

Have fun with gymnastics, Chandler!

KrisKay said...

So fun! I saw Chandler this morning during rehearsal for tonight's program. She's a doll and the program will be great!!

MeMe said...

No upper body strength must run in the family. BUT I think she could be a great gymnist. She loves to flip, jump, etc. What about dance???

Grandma said...

Chandler, I think you will like gymnastics and will do well.