Sunday, September 12, 2010

Friday Night Football

While there are no guarantees for a win for the Matadors each game, there is one thing that is sure to happen.....C & C will see their friends. Last week was the home opener. Sadly, the Matadors lost, but Cheney had a blast running around with his friends. We hardly saw him the entire game!!


Chandler was reunited with her friend, Kadie. She is in one in the middle. Kadie started Kindergarten this year. Brynlee was at the game too!! These girls have fun no matter where they are or what is going on.


Chandler got her favorite squeeze from her favorite teacher! We love Ms. Emard!!


MeMe said...

I am so glad they have such great friends.

Grandma said...

It is great to have good friends. Thanks Cheney for getting me the cups of ice. Sure helped the dry throat. It is great that Chandler likes her teacher so well.