Saturday, September 18, 2010

Soccer 2010

Soccer season kicked off with a bang last is so much fun!! Kase & Chandler are on the same team & Karson & Cheney are on the same team. They have a large cheering section!!
Kase is so fast....he goes after the ball!!

Karson & Cheney sitting, talking.....I wonder what about?


After the game, they were all smiles.

When you are concentrating, you must stick out your tongue....

Wonder what they are looking at?


MeMe said...

It is great that these cousins can be on the same teams. Chandler is out numbered, but she seems to be holding her own. She is definitely a girly girl. Too bad there was not a shot of the expression on her face when she scored.

Grandma said...

Good looking kids. Glad they are enjoying soccer. This is our great athletes of tomorrow. Congratulations Chandler! Is this the first time you scored?