Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Cheney went to soccer camp a few weeks ago. They divide the kids up into teams so that they can compete. Cheney was put on Team Brazil. This was AWESOME for Cheney....if you know anything about our family, Brazil is close to our hearts. Daddy has been on 3 different mission trips to Brazil. Cheney had a Brazil uniform & he wore it everyday. At camp, the teams got points for doing different things. They frequently had homework: find out facts about their country, etc. One night, they had to make a flag from their country. Luckily, our Daddy is VERY crafty!! Thank goodness....cuz Mommy isn't!!
Starting the flag....

Finished project

He was very proud.

He did fantastic at soccer camp. He got an awesome evaluation from the coaches & is ready for soccer season this fall.


Tammy said...

Good job Cheney! Love the flag and yes, it's a good thing ONE of your parents is crafty!

MeMe said...

Soccer Camp!! Such a fun place to be. Glad you like to be active.

Larissa Pereira said...


I'm proud of Cheney!
I didn't know he liked so much of Brazil... as a brazilian girl i say i'm really very very glad 'cause of it!
Hope you come to Brazil soon! You'll love to be here with us...

Lisa, i'm praying for you and your family!
Love you from the bottom of my heart forever!

Shalom Adonai!

P.S; I loooooved the flag! so cute! congratulations!

Grandma said...

Cheney--you did a good job on the flag. Thanks to Dad for being so willing to help you kids. I love it.