Sunday, July 19, 2009

Camp Out

At our house, summer is all about staying up late & sleeping in. The kids have just discovered the Disney Channel & shows like "Hannah Montana" & "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody." The other night, there was a marathon on so they decided to stay up to watch. I went to bed around midnight & I could still hear them laughing.
This is what we found the next morning.

Cheney is sleeping all peacefully.....

Chandler looks like the Tasmanian Devil had a party in her hair.

We are going to enjoy the last few weeks of staying up late & then sleeping in because we know that summer will be over before we know it. Then, it is back to school & early morning....UGH!!


Me said...

Cheney gets the staying up late thing from me and Chandler MUST get the "hair issues" from mom! They look similar in the morning......scary!!! But I love them both lots and the hair fixes up quite nicely.

Shannon said...

My kids have been doing the same thing, pretty much all summer long! They're either sleeping on the floor in the den or with each other in one of their beds... there've only been a few nights were each one has slept in her own bed!
I can't believe we only have just over 3 weeks until school starts!

MeMe said...

FUN!! No one would ever know that they can fight like a couple of pit bulls during waking hours.

Kristen said...

Oh that looks like so much fun!!

But can I admit that I am not sure whether or not I could even stay up until Midnight. And man Anya is WAAAAAYYYYYYY grumpy if not in bed by 8!

ps- love jamming to billie jean on your blog. Just added it to my iPod! :)