Friday, August 21, 2009

2nd Grade Meet The Teacher

On Friday afternoon, we headed to Cheney's school for "Meet The Teacher." Cheney was crossing his fingers that he would get Ms. Hernandez. He told me that she was very cool & that is who all his friends had last year. As we were walking up the steps, I got tears in my eyes. The tears were for two reasons: 1. I don't want him to grow up. 2. He is so confident & that makes me proud. He was walking into the building & saying hello to all his friends. I am glad he is so well-adjusted!! Well, luck was on his side & he is in Ms. Hernandez' class.
She told him to pick his desk. This instruction prompted a little warning from Mom: Pick wisely. It may not always be the best to sit by your friends. He choose to sit across from a girl....SMART CHOICE!! This year, he will be changing classes & only doing his subjects every other day....kinda like a "block" schedule. It will be interesting!! The good thing is-Cheney is smart & he will be just fine!!


MeMe said...

Cheney will do well--look who his parents are!! He will save his wild and crazy times for his parents at home!!!

Tammy said...

2nd grade? Already? Weren't we JUST celebrating his 1st birthday???

Jessica said...

That's so exciting! 2nd grade is what I've always hoped to teach! I hope Cheney has a great year!

Gram said...

Whoa! Cheney, be careful sitting by those girls. Don't let them get you in trouble-----and keep the stars out of your beautiful eyes.