Sunday, August 23, 2009

No-Stress Chess

A week ago, Pop had surgery to repair his Achilles Tendon. He tore it when he jumped off Uncle Mitch's dock into the river....he has a really powerful jump! HAHA Anyway, he hasn't been getting around really well & can't swim at all. Cheney & Chandler have been entertaining him. Last Christmas, Cheney & Pop got a game called "No Stress Chess." It teaches you how to play chess & Cheney has learned very quickly. Naturally, Chandler wanted to learn how to play just like her brother. According to MeMe & Pop, she is catching on pretty well. There aren't many 3 yr olds who can sit & play chess!!
Smart girl!!


Me said...

Smart and Beautiful.............We are in for a BUNCH of trouble with this little girl. haha

MeMe said...

Trouble??? Don't think so. Lots of fun???? Definitely. Chandler is a joy to have around.

Krystyn said...

What a cool idea. I never learned how to play chess! Glad C&C are helping keep him entertained!

Gram said...

What a studious pose (Chandler, that is). Can you believe she will sit and play a game like that?