Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cabo San Lucas - Our Last Day

This was our last day on vacation. We were all so sad. Cheney was trying to figure out how to get a job passing out towels at the pool so he could stay in Mexico!
Our Family

The boys

The girls

Cheney & Chandler with two of their favorite people-MeMe & Pop!!

My beach bum

Playing around on the rocks

Just wading in the water

MeMe & Chandler were relaxed to the max!!

Heading out for our last meal.....

I love her expression in this picture!!

Silly boy!!

Cheney knows exactly what he is doing....Chandler on the other hand has no idea & will be sufficiently embarrassed when she is a teenager. This chair is in a restaurant....things are just different in Mexico!!

As we were flying home the next day, Cheney told Pop "I wish vacation was everyday!" So do I!!


MeMe said...

All good things seem to end too soon. We will just have to start planning for next year. Had an absolutely great time!! Thanks for including us.

Tammy said...

What great photos! Love them all! I'm with Cheney. Vacation every day would be amazing huh? Glad you all enjoyed it so much!

Jessica said...

Y'all are truly so blessed to be able to vacation like that every year and I'm quite jealous! Love the family pic!

Gram said...

Chandler, I am glad you finally were awake for a dinner meal. Looks like great fun! Sorry real life happens and vacations have to end.

Grandma said...

Well, every good thing comes to an end. So back to work so you can look forward to next year. Cheney, maybe one day you can get a job in a foreign country.