Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Day - Part IV

Yes, I know...when we do Christmas, we do Christmas....after waking up & opening presents with our immediate family, we all gather at Grandma's house to exchange presents. We love giving gifts!!
Cheney & Travis looking cool! They are two handsome boys!!

Grandma gave Cheney & Chandler some money. They were very excited!

Poor Chandler had an ear infection in both ears....she spent a lot of time laying around. After we opened presents, Daddy & I took her to the only clinic that was open on Christmas Day. I am sooo glad we didn't have to go to the emergency room!!

Uncle Mitch was playing around with Cheney's guitar! SILLY GUY!!


MeMe said...

I love having Christmas last the entire day--and then some. C&C are lucky to have SO much family close by--we all love them!!

Grandma said...

Isn't Christmas a lot of fun! I think our family has the best time ever......God is so good to me to give me such a great family. Glad Chandler & Cheney enjoy there family. Hey, Cheney that is a good picture of you and Travis.