Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve - Part I

At our house, we celebrate Christmas for almost two whole is so much fun!! This year, we started on Christmas Eve afternoon. We headed over to Granny Nette & Papa Jim's house. It is always fun to play at their house because they have a lot of pets!!
The Handsome Stephenson grandkids (minus Konni). It sure is good for Chandler to be the only girl among all these boys. While they were running around, she just sat & watched them act silly.

Chandler & Kase--Kase is 4 months older than Chandler. They love to play together!!

Cheney & Karson--Karson is 9 months older than Cheney. A gew days after Karson was born, we found out that Cheney was on the way. It is so much fun to have cousins close in age to play with!!

Stay tuned....Part II is just around the corner!!


MeMe said...

What a good looking bunch of grandkids. I bet Chandler learns to hold her own with those boys. She's have her own way of keeping them under her spell. LOL

Tammy said...

Looks like a Happy Christmas Eve!

Grandma said...

Grandkids are so much fun. Especially a good looking bunch like this. Chandler will be able to hold her own.