Monday, December 21, 2009

My Kids Love Deer Lease Weekends!!

Mommy did something this past weekend that she thought she would never do again: SHE AGREED TO GO BACK TO THE DEER LEASE!! Can you believe it? You see, Mommy doesn't think it is fun to get up early to watch for deer, get dirty most of the day, not take a bath, and eat meat & potatoes at every meal. But CHENEY & CHANDLER LOVE I agreed to it. I love to see them have a great time & make lasting memories. As soon as school was out on Friday, we headed down south with truck loaded down with food & Lance.
Chandler & I skip the morning hunts....we need our beauty sleep!! But we head out to the deer blind at about 3 pm for the evening hunt. As we drive down the sendero, they throw out corn for the deer. This is great fun!!


I think they are pretty cute, riding around like this!!

Then, we get into the deer blind & this is what they do for several, sleep, & watch movies. Mommy read & Daddy slept.....

Daddy & Bubba love watching for deer....this time out, we saw an 6 pt. buck, a large hog, & a rabbit. Daddy shot at the rabbit, but we never found it. It was a fun, relaxing trip, but EVERYONE needs a bath--even LANCE!!


MeMe said...

Looks like you guys had fun--but why didn't you shoot the 6 pt? Guess I don't understand the rules of the "game". Notice I didn't say "hunt". I am not sure where the "hunt" is here--guess we don't need to go there.LOL

Grandma said...

I am glad you are able to make this kind of memories. I use to go out to the deer lease, but never shot a deer. It was fun. We took our camper, so we really did camp much.

Tammy said...

Definitely what memories are made of! I remember sending Heather out with Marty to go sit in his deer stand in a tree when we lived in Missouri. Of course, nothing ever came close with her chattering away, but those memories are the good stuff for the two of them!