Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Yep, I am bragging

Cheney is a very special boy....he makes his Daddy & I very proud. He is super smart....the kid has only made a 105 on every spelling test this year: his bonus word last week was ACHIEVEMENT! How many of you can spell that correctly? We rarely have to go over the words or help with his homework. And we think that is great.....but do you know what makes us more proud?? We have been told that he has the best manners.....when he took a guest to Sunday School, he introduced the guest the correct way to his teachers--without being prompted. This makes me more proud than his grades.

Last Sunday, our church had their annual missions banquet. Cheney & a few of his classmates were asked to walk around the room & read facts about being a missionary to the adults.
I had more than one person find us to tell us how wonderfully polite & smart Cheney was.....many of them congratulated us on a "job well done." I know that God gave us the best gift when He blessed us with our son!


MeMe said...

Of course--don't you know he is the best. BUT remember, children don't learn unless they are taught. Good job Mommy and Daddy!!! Proud of his parents, too.

Jessica said...

That is awesome. I have to say that's one thing I try to instill in my little sister, as well. Manners get you much further in life than many things and they're of utmost importance! Good job to everyone - Cheney & Mom & Dad!

Grandma said...

AMEN.......I think he did such an excellent job. Grandma had to brag on him too and let everyone know that is my GREAT GRANDSON....