Saturday, April 24, 2010

Earth Day Celebration

Cheney's school had an Earth Day Celebration. We missed it last year because of baseball, but this year, we made it!! The plan was to have a picnic dinner, but the weather wasn't too good so we ate in the gym.

After dinner & a short PTC meeting, everyone went out on the track to run a Family Mile.

Cheney ran really fast!!

Chandler joined Keagan for one lap.

He finally let her catch up & they posed for a picture. These two love to play with each other. Keagan's family might be moving & we are very sad. I hope we can still see them from time to time. Keagan is a sweet boy with a sweet family!!


MeMe said...

Glad you had fun--no rain when you wanted to run!! Cheney looks as though he is running as fast as the wind--and Chandler???? She and Keagan are so cute!!

Tammy said...

What a cute cute picture of Chandler and Keagan!

Nocona said...

That little girl is you!!!!