Saturday, April 10, 2010

Toes In The Water

Chandler has been asking for the pool to be uncovered for almost a month. She finally got her wish--THANKS DADDY & MR. MARTY for making this little girl so very happy!! Needless to say, she just couldn't wait. It was a nice sunny day, but pretty windy still.
Splashing away

Pretty soon, she was jumping in. We teased her that she had forgotten how to swim, but we were wrong....she picked up right where she left off.

She got a little suntan today, but it was still COLD!! This girl definitely is a summertime girl.


MeMe said...

Just her Mom, Dad and Bubba--she is a little fish. So glad she likes the water. In a few weeks it will be hard to get her out of the pool. Come on summertime!!

Jocelyn said...

Cute... I can't wait to take Eli swimming (though I wish we had a heated pool in our HOA).

Grandma said...

I know it was cold. I was working outside and saw you jump in, but did not stay long. Chandler, wait until it warms up.

Grandma said...

Pop could heat the pool for all of us.