Monday, April 19, 2010

The Saver

I hope that our children can learn from our mistakes. We are not savers & we are in debt. I don't want my children to be like that so I am trying to encourage them to save their money when they want to buy something. A few months ago, Cheney decided he wanted to buy a laptop. He talked it over with us & we agreed that it was a great idea. So, he told everyone & got $$ for his birthday. He also picked up limbs for MeMe & Pop, stamped envelopes for Mid Tex Propane, did extra chores around the house, & conned us out of many dollar bills!! Last week, he announced that he finally had a little over $500!! WOW!! Sunday afternoon, we went shopping.
Cheney & Daddy carefully considered several different brands of computers.

Chandler decided that she wants to buy a computer....she already has over $100 saved so she is on her way.

He picked out this one.

When his Daddy agreed to let him buy a computer, the deal was he had to have enough for the computer, taxes, & the case. Daddy agreed to pay for the extended warranty.

Waiting for his total.....

Cheney!! I am so proud of you!! You have done something that your Daddy & I have struggled with our whole lives. You decided what you wanted & saved your money to buy it. I hope you continue doing this the rest of your life. You will definitely be blessed!! Daddy & I love you so much!!


Jessica said...

That is so wonderful! I think this is one of the greatest lessons you could teach him. Way to go, Cheney! Can I borrow your lap top?! :)

MeMe said...

Cheney--so proud of you!! Since you had to buy with your own money, I'll bet you take very good care of it. Earning money is HARD work

Tammy said...

Awesome that you saved so hard Cheney! What wonderful lessons you are learning at such a young age!

Gram said...

Way to go, Cheney! A great choice of computers!

Grandma said...

I am so proud of you! This is a great lesson to learn. You see how hard it is to save and when you can keep on saving or buy something very useful. Now what? Maybe education....

Krystyn said...

Wow..what a great lesson and that's super impressive that he was able to save so much money!