Saturday, March 14, 2009

Craft Day

Our last day of Spring Break was cold & very rainy!! Of course, we need the rain very bad but we were sad that it rained the majority of the week. Friday was craft day at MeMe's & Chandler LOVES crafts!!
She is working intently

Ready to iron


Showing off her coaster


MeMe said...

Crafts--a girl after my own heart. We will have more fun doing this again. I bet her brother will be able to come up with some really cool designs.

Thiên said...

My nieces and I enjoy the pearler beads craft too! Or whatever it's officially called. I love it when they send me their little creations. I know it was cold and wet this week but I hope the kids still enjoyed their time off. :)

Jessica said...

I'm a crafts kinda gal too...

Laci said...

You have to love crafts!

Gram said...

Your heart matches the hearts on your shirt! Was that planned?