Saturday, March 7, 2009

Friday Night Lights-Little League Style

Before basketball season was over, we had already started baseball practice. Cheney's team is called the Redwings. He moved into the league that is machine pitch/coach pitch. They practice on Monday nights & Friday nights. So, guess where we spend our Friday nights now?? Yep, at the Little League field!!
They had a scrimmage & Cheney played centerfield.

He did a pretty good job batting....but we need to hit the batting cages soon!!

Then, he played 2nd base.
WHEW!! It sure is tiring -- getting to all the practices & games. AND....I know as he gets older, it just gets worse. But, I love watching him have such a great time!!


MeMe said...

Cheney's enthusiasm is contagious! Just remind him to get his glove when he takes the field. Love to hear the coach say, "Cheney, you're up." The older the kids get, the busier Mom and Dad become.

Laci said...

Oh, I remember those days... gotta love little league!

Jessica said...

I'm so glad that you guys take him to do things even though it's tiring for y'all as well. Too many parents are just concerned about how tired it makes them instead of how good it is for their kids.

Tammy said...

Cheney I can't wait to see you play a game soon!

Gram said...

Can't wait to see you play a different game----baseball. What better way to spend a spring and early summer, Mom, but at the fields hanging out with everyone else?

Mr. Richard said...

Nancy and I would love to come see Cheney play. When is his next game? We would really like to help cheer him on.