Sunday, January 10, 2010

Big Lou's Pizza

We have been searching high & low for GOOD pizza....not the kind that is made by the chain pizza places. A few weeks ago, we heard about Big Lou's Pizza. It had recently been featured on Man Vs. Food & many people told us it was very yummy. On Saturday night, we decided to try it. We took 3 suburbans of people....17 in all. It was a very fun night, but we had to wait a looooong time for our table. However, most of us didn't mind....we had good company!!
Part of our table....

Cheney & Connor spent most of the night playing Nintendo DS.

Chandler was an angel & had a great time--even when we had to wait!!

I am ready for our next trip to Big Lou's. Next time we might have to try the 42 inch pizza!! IT WAS HUGE!!


Tammy said...

DEFINITELY a fun night and one I'd repeat. I'm trying to picture us gals trying to eat one of the slices of a 42" pizza! lol

Jessica said...

Where can I find this Big Lou's place? I could always go for a yummy pizza!

Kristen said...

Love that you went to a Man vs. Food place!! That is awesome and glad you had such a great time! :)

Krystyn said...

Makes me want a pizza real bad.

Grandma said...

What a pizza???????? Chandler that is a cute picture of you.