Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Future Mary Kay Saleswoman

I have started a new venture in my life. I have started selling Mary Kay. I needed to make a little money & I love the product so it makes sense to start selling it myself. On New Year's Day, I practiced on Aunt Reva & Grandma. Chandler intently listened to me & then got her own makeup.....she practiced on Pop!! Thank goodness Pop is a good sport!!
If anyone needs any Mary Kay products, let me know!!


MeMe said...

Only a grandfather would sit so still and wait for the Princess to work her magic.

Jessica said...

My mom uses Mary Kay and would probably much prefer to order them from you than the person she's getting it from! I'll let her know.

Kristen said...

Yet another way we are alike!!!

I started my MK business last year on Dec. 23rd! Welcome to the sorority of PINK! :)

Good Luck!

Grandma said...

Good job Chandler. Pop was so good to sit still and let you work on him. Very good picture of you two.

Tammy said...

Very sweet!

Gram said...

Yes, Pop was a good sport, ,but Uncle Mitch wouldn't sit still for you.