Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cabi Jabi (Chiro Java)

Cheney & Chandler spent Friday night with MeMe & Pop so Mommy & Daddy could go on a date. They got to go to their favorite place....Cabi Jabi (Chandler's version of Chiro Java!)



Gram said...

Special memories! I am glad they get to be with Pop and MeMe. They will never forget those special times.

Jessica said...

Well where did Mommy and Daddy go?!

MeMe said...

Just how great is it to have a place like "Cabi Jabi" in our little town? Just wish it was open more nights. C&C know how much we like this place.

Grandma said...

How come Grandma wasn't invited? Only kidding....Glad you have fun with Me-Me and Pop.