Friday, January 1, 2010

Hello 2010!

We rang in the New Year with tradition. We went out to dinner, then back to MeMe & Pop's house for fireworks & homemade sopapillas....YUM!! We have not been able to shoot fireworks for several years because it has been too dry, but this winter we have had tons of rain so they lifted the ban. I am not sure who had more fun....the younger kids or the big boys!!
Daddy & Marty were shooting bottle rockets as cars drove by on the road.....this is something that was started with Uncle Jeff & Daddy. These boys were warned....their wives were NOT bailing them out of jail.

Cheney was so excited that he was running around like a chicken with his head cut off.....he made us laugh.

I got him to slow down to take a cute picture with me.

Cheney had a friend spend the night & then some friends from up the street came over. They had fun shooting bottle rockets together!! Chandler was afraid of the fireworks so she spent most of her time in the cabana.

After we finished the fireworks, we lit a bonfire. It was so hot that we didn't spend much time around it. Chandler came out for that.

We hope you & your family had a Happy New Year. We pray that your 2010 will be blessed. We love each & every one of you!!


MeMe said...

Should be a great 2010 with this crew around. I LOVE IT!!

Jessica said...

Happy 2010!!!!

Grandma said...

Hey, I found one of the rockets over in my yard......