Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Future Matadors??

Since Cheney got his basketball goal for his birthday, he has gone outside almost every afternoon to play. Most afternoons, he puts on his IPOD to listen to music while he is playing. On Saturday, Micayla & Justin brought Chandler her birthday present--they weren't able to be at her party. When Cathy asked me what to get Chandler, I knew right away...her OWN basketball. I had seen some pink ones at Target & they got her one!! Today, they were both home playing so I snapped some pictures.

Looking sweet...they both got new tennis shoes this afternoon!

Bubba was sweet & moved Chandler's little goal over by his so they could play "together"

We need to work on his form! Laura, can you come visit??

Chandler spends most of her time holding her ball & watching what Bubba does.

One handed??


MeMe said...

Keep working on your dribble. We can always use a player who can handle the ball.
Love, MeMe

Gram said...

Chandler, it is okay just to hold your ball. You have to get the REAL feel of it before you can be a great player. Maybe you should even sleep with it!

Cheney, just keep trying. Practice makes perfect.