Monday, November 26, 2007

Decorating the Christmas Tree!

We started decorating our house for Christmas tonight. The kids (mostly Cheney because Chandler just goes along with what Cheney does) decided that we should put up the tree first. Here are some pictures! This is the 1st year that Chandler has been able to participate in actually hanging the ornaments. We only broke 2 & they weren't very sentimental ones. Thank goodness!! Chandler was pretty funny because as soon as she hung an ornament, she would run back to her Daddy & say "MORE." This is definitely going to be a fun Christmas!!

Saying "cheese" for the camera-the 1st time I have heard her say it when I took her picture! There is hope for her yet!!

Look at Cheney's PJs-he has gotten so tall they look like capris

Being sweet-under the tree! Hopefully, Santa was watching because this doesn't happen very often. They had a knock down-drag out about the letters on the frig right before we started decorating.


Tammy said...

Cheney and Chandler, I love the photo of the 2 of you under the tree. Very sweet!

Uncle Dick said...

Looks like the little one is getting so big. I will not know her when I see her next. Also, looks like it will be a fun Christmas.

MeMe said...

What fun we will have this year on Christmas morning!!
Love, MeMe

Anonymous said...

definitely capris...haha


Gram said...

How angelic! I think I do see some horns hiding on your heads somewhere. What fun you will have this Christmas!

Grandma said...

I sure am looking forward to having Santa come to my house. I have been good. Chandler and Cheney, have you been good? I bet you have. It sure is going to be fun this year, but I will miss Ashtyn and Thatcher.