Friday, November 16, 2007

Happy 81st Birthday Grandma!

We took Grandma out for her birthday tonight. She turned 81 today!
Grandma, we love you!!!

As usual, Uncle Mitch was horsing around with Chandler.

Here is Uncle Mitch teaching Cheney how to shoot spitballs through a straw. THANKS!!

Chandler enjoyed eating crackers under the table! Good grief!

We are definitely at the terrible twos!!


MeMe said...

Grandma might want you to post a different picture of her. Oh well, Cheney and Chandler are handsome and beautiful as usual. Actually, when Chandler was under the table, she was happiest. Love, MeMe

MeMe said...
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Grandma said...

Well Grandma looks about 100 in the picture with Cheney kissing her, but I am very proud to have that handsome boy kissing me.
Chandler sure is a cute girl. Maybe under the table was best for her, because it is such a cute picture. Glad Uncle Mitch caught you.

Gram said...

Fun celebrations! I think Grandma looks great.