Saturday, November 3, 2007

Karson Spends The Night!

Karson spent the night last night! The boys had a blast. Chandler had a bit of a hard time understanding that they didn't ALWAYS want her around. She might as well get used to it-it is only going to get worse!! Enjoy the pictures & leave comments. Cheney loves to hear what people have to say to him!

Concert Time! Cheney on the drums & Karson on the accordian! Chandler didn't know if she should clap along or cry because it hurt her ears so she did both.

Like good boys, they switched instruments. The concert lasted about 30 minutes. Cheney asked us numerous times, "Are you ready to rock?" I am not sure where he learned that!

Sweet cousins hanging out on the bed!

Best Friends Forever!


MeMe said...

I really like this last picture. I think they are smiling, but they could also be grimacing.

Tammy said...

Cute pictures. Bet the concert was GREAT!

Ashtyn said...

Those instruments look like so much fun! Maybe I can try to play them sometime. I like to make noise!!! I have a water bottle with coffee beans in it. Can I join the band?

Gram said...

You guys can't leave Chandler out of the band! Enjoy spending time with your cousins. My kids spent lots of time with their cousins---huh, Lisa?

Grandma said...

Who taught you about ROCK? Did your Daddy? I would like to see him Rock. Looks like the two cousins had fun. Good to see family having so much fun.