Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Day Part III: Visiting the Cloughly Clan

In case you haven't figured it out, we were BUSY today. It was so much fun to see everyone & I wish that we could get together more often. After MaMa & Pop's house, we headed over to Aunt Reva & Uncle Mitch's house. We were going to see the newest stars of the the family: Thatcher & Ashtyn!!!! YIPEE!!!

Thatcher Cade Porter. Drooley Boy!!

Cheney & Chandler love it when Thatcher comes to visit because that means that Rudy comes too! They LOVE Rudy!! Daddy, can we please get a SMALL indoor dog?? Pretty please?? Look at how cute we are??

Ashtyn is getting ready for her 1st Thanksgiving meal. She LOVED Grandma's dressing! Don't we all, Ashtyn?? And it goes straight to our hips!! Be careful!!

Thatcher's favorite was the sweet potatoes! YUM, YUM!!

Cheney & Chandler looking sweet for a minute!

After we ate, this is what happened to most of us!

Cheney & Travis chilling out & watching "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving"

Cheney decided that Bobby's belly was a good place to rest. Poor Bobby!

Chandler teaching Ashtyn how to play with her toy.

Cheney & Chandler learning another family tradition: playing dominoes!

Chandler giving Rudy another hug!

Poor Rudy! Chandler just couldn't get enough of him & he just wants her to GO AWAY!!

So, the Mommies had a great idea! Let's get the kids together & take their picture. This is what I got! Notice someone missing? Ashtyn kept crawling off!! The photo session ended when Thatcher tried to keep Ashtyn in place by holding on to her ears. She didn't like it much! Oh well, maybe another time!!

Thatcher & Ashtyn (and their parents!)-Thanks for visiting us! We LOVE you! Please come back soon!


MeMe said...

What a great Thanksgiving. The whole clan--less Jeff and Kerry. (I missed them bunches) It was loud, but fun. It is hard to believe that Chandler is only 12months older than Thatcher and Ashtyn. Now it's the boys against the girls. Cheney and Thatcher vs. Chandler and Ashtyn. They will have great fun as they get older.
Love, MeMe

Dick Weir said...

Look like all was well. You can nver say I have nothing to be thankful about. You have more than your share to be thankful for all that our Lord has blessed you all with. May this spirit of Paul be with us always.

Grandma said...

What a wonderful Thanksgiving. I don't think anyone has as good looking great-grand kids as I do.
I am well blessed to have such a wonderful family and that we could all be together with exception of Jeff & Kerry. We missed you. Cheney and Chandler sure would like for Ruddy to be more friendly. Wish that I could see Ashtyn and Thatcher more often. They sure are growing. Hope the four can always stay close.

Gram said...

This is such a fun time of year! I love having all of the family around. I never thought it got very loud, though. Meme must be getting old.