Saturday, November 17, 2007

Soccer Season Comes To An End

Today was the last game of the 2007 soccer season. Cheney had a great time playing in his first organized sport league. He REALLY wants to play basketball, but he has to be in 1st grade for that. So, he will wait for t-ball. Making new friends was a lot of fun. Hopefully, he will continue to love sports as much as his family does!!

The last time the Monkeys will be together. They just got their medals & were very proud.

Cheney & his assistant coach, Travis. Thanks for helping, Travis!

Grandma? Do you like this picture better? Thanks for coming to Cheney's game today!!


MeMe said...

Ten weeks is a long season. But it looks like you have learned a lot about soccer. I enjoyed watching every game. Thanks for inviting me.
Love, MeMe

Grandma said...

I really did enjoy you playing soccer. Want be long until I will be watching you play basketball. You are making a real good athlete. Will be seeing you play for the Matadors one day.
Yes, I think I can handle the picture because I was with two of the greatest.