Monday, November 12, 2007

Um...not really sure what to think!

If you read my last post, you know that Cheney has decided that Deano, Mr. Dean, Daddy, & himself are the ONLY not dorky people around. The rest of us are "just dorky"-I haven't clarified what makes us dorky. I guess I will have to work on that.
Anyway, Mr. Dean shot this deer this his pasture!! He invited Billy & Cheney over to watch him clean it. Cheney has NEVER seen this before & it was interesting to see his reaction. He came home with part of the leg bone. He is wanting to take it to show & tell but I said NO. is in our freezer. He thought it was hilarious to walk around the house with it "waving" to me!! I told him he was GROSS!!

Here is Dean with his 12 point buck. This is the largest dear he has ever killed. The funny thing is that he didn't really have to hunt for it. It just walked through his pasture.

Cheney showing off the horns

Two of the NOT dorky guys. I think they are pretty dorky, but cute!! Cheney told me he is ready to go hunting to get his own deer. Mommy is NOT ready for that!!!! Can't we just stick with soccer & gymnastics??


Gram said...

Wow! What a rack! Congrats to the not dorky Mr. Dean. You little guys are really getting an "outdoor" education.

MeMe said...

Cheney, I agree with Mommy--poor Bambi's Daddy. Who will take care of the rest of the family with daddy gone?
This, too, shall pass--hopefully.
Love, MeMe

Ashtyn said...

Just one word from me...GROOOSSSSS!!!