Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Making Her List!

If any of you have spent some time with Cheney, you know that MeMe has taught him to go through magazines & circle what he wants. Like a good big brother, he has taught Chandler how to do this! Now, she can spend hours looking at magazines & circling things. It is pretty funny! Tonight, she was looking at the JCPenney toy catalog. Grandma wanted some ideas of what she wants from Christmas!
She certainly is an opinionated little girl! I wonder where she gets that from??!!


MeMe said...

Chandler, you are a female after your MeMe's heart!! I am so glad that you are following in your Mom's footsteps. I even taught Uncle Jeff and Cheney that they should always note what they wanted in the various catalogs. I have noticed your Daddy looking at the catalogs and making his selections. As you and Cheney get older, I will show you how to put your page number list on the cover of the catalog along with your name so that there will be no doubt about what you want.
Love, MeMe

Tammy said...

I remember all the times Cheney and I would sit in the nursery looking through catalogs, choosing what we wanted for Christmas and the interesting things he'd choose for me! What fun we had, didn't we Cheney? I'll miss that with Chandler. :0(

grandpa said...

Hey girl. What fun we had tonight at Pop's birthday party! I think you're going to become a "shop 'till you drop" girl, from what I saw tonight. Daddy will have to watch his credit cards closely!
Love you,
Uncle Mitch

Gram said...

Chandler, I am still waiting for Mommy and Meme to share your list with everyone! I am not a shopper, so I just want to get finished. The part I love is the giving of the presents.

Ashtyn said...

Don't let Ashtyn look at your catalog! It will be in hundreds of pieces all over the floor! I don't think she wants toys, just the catalogs!
Love you,

Grandma said...

Chandler, I am glad you were able to pick out the presents you want. Maybe if you will be good Santa will bring some of them.
Cheney had better hurry and pick his gifts. Santa just may fly right on over his hous. Sure love you kids. Grandma is so lucky to have four wonderul Great-Grand kids.