Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bowling Fun!

We don't have school tomorrow because it is MLK day so we don't have to get up early tomorrow! YEA!! Tonight after church, we headed to the bowling alley because it was $1 night. It was VERY crowded-but the kids had a great time anyway.

My cute babies!!

Cheney decided REAL bowling is way harder than Wii bowling! Notice his hang time on the ball-I didn't know the bowling ball was supposed to FLY through the air.

Kylie, Billy, & Darla were intent on eating fried pickles instead of bowling!

Terryn & Chandler

Kylie let Chandler bowl for her-she knocked over more pins when Chandler pushed the ball down the lane than when Kylie actually bowled! Way to go, Chandler!!

Deano has good form

Terryn is definitely a girly-girl! It only took her ball a minute to get down the lane-every single turn. It was a SLOW game for Terryn!!


MeMe said...

Where are the adults supposedly watching the children??--not on their diets I see.
Glad you had fun.
Love, MeMe

Ashtyn said...

Looks like fun! Hopefully I'll see you all again soon!

grandpa said...

Why wasn't I invited? My feelings are hurt.

Uncle Mitch

Gram said...

Looks like you all had fun either bowling, posing for pics, or eating.

Grandma said...

Looks like you had fun bowling. Maybe you can teach me how to bowl. Love you