Friday, May 1, 2009

100% Girl

This past week, Chandler had pictures at school. She picked out a beautiful handmade dress that Pop bought her in Brazil last year. Of course, I told her that she didn't have to wear it all day & sent shorts/t-shirt to change into after pictures. When MeMe went to pick her up.....she was still in her pretty dress....never took it off. She didn't want to!!
She was jumping on the trampoline & was telling MeMe how to tilt her head for the picture.

She is 100% girl.....ribbons, bows, & NO DIRT!!


MeMe said...

No bugs either--dead or alive. They will stop this girl in her tracks. Careful--you will trip over her if she is in the lead. Gotta love this girl with the cute personality!

Kim said...

Very pretty Chandler!

Krystyn said...

Too cute. But, I bet this summer she gets in the dirt!

Tammy said...

100% Girlie Girl! Gotta love her!