Saturday, May 9, 2009

Same, But Different

We really love to eat!! Cheney loves good food.....he is a good eater, but he acts like he hasn't eaten in days. Everything is very dramatic. He eats & eats, but still is very skinny!
Chandler likes to eat, but she is a little picky. She likes junk food....especially chocolate!! Sometimes she just doesn't care to eat, she would rather be playing or watching the world around her.

I love that they have different personalities, but that some things are the same too!!


Tammy said...

I'm with Chandler...make mine CHOCOLATE too!

MeMe said...

Chocolate--that has to be a "girl thing". She just pops out "I need some chocolate" just like MOST females. I love to watch Cheney try new foods--he is adventuresome. Hope he is able to eat anything he wants without fear of weight gain forever--but don't taunt us "weight challenged" folks.